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Re: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT

RMORGER writes:
I have been doing a bunch of converting of GURPS Dinosaurs to TFT

Wow .. what an effort!
I havent had the chance to look at these very much - but in looking
over this, I have a couple of initial impressions that I'd like to
ask you about:
The DX for the giant herbivores (apatosaurs, brachiosaurs, etc)
seems high, particularly if they are being attacked by humanoids.
I just dont believe they could move that fast - nor do I believe
they could make aimed stomp/trample attacks on humans.  Against
dinosaurian predators, their mass was their best weapon - they
could probably do serious damage to Allosaurus or others by
knocking them off their feet.  And against humans, I have to
believe that getting hit by a tail of that size would do serious
damage. gotta go to lunch ... more later Dan =====
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