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RE: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT

>    I had no Idea.  I'm something of a Maya/Aztec Quetzal-o-phile 
>myself. To find this enormous Quetzalcoatly dino-bird is news!

The first one discovered was from Northern Mexico area hence the 
name. They were also strange for the Pterodons of the time because 
they did not live along the coast. 

>    Here is an example of how I would format them to be easier on 
the eyes.
>TYRANNASAURUS                                  hexes 7-9
>ST 50-80            Bite/butt 5d+2             Claw/kick 
>Stomp/trample 3d
>DX 12                Armor 3
>IQ  3
>MA 24
>     Notes what can you say the King T-Rex!  Estimated speed for 
>ranges from 15-50mph, but it is believed they could survive a 
fall at 35mph 
>so 35mph is most likely.
>      David Michael Grouchy II

This is much closer to the way they will be on the webpage

Robert Morger 
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