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Re: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT

>The DX for the giant herbivores (apatosaurs, brachiosaurs, etc)
>seems high, particularly if they are being attacked by humanoids.
>I just dont believe they could move that fast - nor do I believe
>they could make aimed stomp/trample attacks on humans.  Against
>dinosaurian predators, their mass was their best weapon - they
>could probably do serious damage to Allosaurus or others by
>knocking them off their feet.  And against humans, I have to
>believe that getting hit by a tail of that size would do serious

I thought about the dexterity issue but if you look at the larger 
herbivores that are around now they are quite dextrous very few of 
them would be considered slow or clumsy by human standards. Go one 
on one with a elephant, rhino or other large herbivore and most 
likely we would know the results. 
Humans dont dominate by strength but by intelligence.( Well most 
anyways B^P )
All that being said I probably have a lot of things that will need 
tweaking before they can be tossed into a game, at least for the 
really big guys. Especially when it comes to game balance.

As for the tail damage your right it would do massive damage to a 
human size opponent probably as much as/or more than the crushing 
damage already listed. It was one of the things that I tried to 
use something from ITL to describe (balance the game)

The stomp/trample type attack I feel would be best used against a 
down target or at a dexterity adjustment for a target smaller than 

Like I said there is probably a great deal of adjustment that 
needs to be made. I feel that getting others opinions feelings 
will help me make those adjustments.

Robert Morger 
Pangaea_TFT Fantasy RPG adventure 
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