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Re: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT

Ok, Im back ... and now that Im able to think more clearly ...
The DX for the giant herbivores (apatosaurs, brachiosaurs, etc) seems high, particularly if they are being attacked by humanoids.

Arrrgh ... I meant to say if they are ATTACKING humanoids.
Regarding the herbivores: how long is the tail?  I think dragon's
only get the hex immediately behind the body - but could dinos
have a 3 or 4 hex tail? I would think so ...
I would think that the herbivores favorite attack would be a
shield rush kind of maneuver.
I didnt see it in your list ... but what about DILOPHOSAURUS
(spelling?).  In JURASSIC PARK, this dino spit venom at its prey
in order to blind it and make the prey an easy meal.   Maybe
treat this as a thrown weapon with a -4 DX to get it in the eyes?
( eyes are a small target, -6DX, but its a pretty big wad of spit,
+2DX for a total of -4. )
Interesting stuff, Robert!   Definitely some food for thought
here! Dan =====
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