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Re: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT

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Subject: Re: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT

> Right, but that's what I was wondering - even in terms of hexes? I guess
> it might depend a lot on how much of T-Rex's tail counted as part of his
> counter, and how much would just be represented as the length of his tail
> attack... although I imagine T-Rex wouldn't deliberately tail-attack,
> since he's so tooth-oriented. ;->

I dont have T-Rex or any of the other two legged dinosaurs as having a tail
attack, mainly because it would be used for balance when attacking.

> Hmm, ok, but it's also big and in the way - for humans at least, it might
> not be possible to strike at the body from the front, due to the frill,
> especially if the Triceratops were concentrating on you as a threat.

Then go for the legs B^) its another reason they might make a great mount,
added protection.

> True. Though the competing creatures were quite different, and scaling up
> creates many physical challenges that aren't as pronounced for smaller
> creatures. For example, dogs have a huge range of sizes from Chihuahua to
> St. Bernard or Great Dane. The big heavy dogs often can't run as fast as
> smaller ones, and certainly it doesn't scale with size, and often they
> have skeletal failures over time (hips tend to wear out on some breeds).
Yes but thats all stuff a GM/DM would need to decide the stats I am giving
are for full grown species in their prime that are of average size. There is
a huge anount of leeway after that.

> Yep like getting hit by a large vehicle.
I would liken it more to being run over by a flatwheel roller or hit by a 18

> Right. I was thinking though of cases for dino vs. dino. Some mental
> playtesting of the existing rules might be in order, if you're ever going
> to have dino vs. dino action.

I still think they will probably work as is.
> Which also brings to mind peeking at the spell list and considering
> effects. Such as whether Control Animal would work, or if there would be
> new variant spells. Once victims had seen such creatures, you could
> probably use 7-Hex Illusion against them in new ways. Etc.
> >>* A re-look at the Shift maneuver for very large creatures.
> >>
> > Maybe but like above I think it is covered in ITL, AW, AM and
> > probably doesnt need much tweaking if any.
> There are rules, but I'd recommend thought-testing and/or play-testing
> them. IIRC, the rules are to move with the front hex, and turning means
> the whole rear area moves behind it, auto-trampling smaller figures, which
> for large creatures is something important to at least not be surprised by
> as the GM.
> Yep, though "go where it can't" is also a preferred solution to 1 and 2,
> as well as 3.
> I was thinking on a micro-tactics level, though. The player controlling a
> dinosaur may be tempted to do clever things when moving or deciding whom
> to target and so on. Some limits on that might help. Mature/restrained
> GM's may do that as a matter of course, but younger players, and ones with
> a vested game interest, may move them with subtle (or blatant) human
> munchkin-level intelligence. Rules limiting the way the decide exactly
> what to do might help in some cases and/or with some players. On the other
> hand, fixed rules could also be abused by munchkins on the player side.
> It's really a GM discretion area, but a potentially ugly one when giant
> dinos are involved.
> I'm remembering in particular a game which I was in where the very
> creative GM had us in a location with dinosaurs, and we ran into some
> rather deadly velociraptor types. Intelligence in tactical moves can be a
> serious "force multiplier", and it's easy for a GM or player to not have a
> great appreciation of how calculating they are being when they move their
> IQ 3 monsters.

True there is always ways to work around rules or bend them to your
advantage, but frank discussion about play should usually remedy the
problems. The other thing is that if you watch a well coordinated pack
hunting the operate at what would appear to be a higher IQ level then they
are capable of as individuals.

> Just trying to be helpful, rather than a quibbler. :-)

I know and rather like quibbling B^)
> PvK
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