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Re: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT --> Rick's comments.

I worked up statistics for a few of the larger /
more famous dinosaurs many years ago.  One thing
I notice is that your critters are much smaller
than the ones I made.

> Probably correct but the frill on a Triceratops was fairly light 
> bone (lots of air holes vs dense bone) with large areas that were 
> fairly thin. It was probably more for display than defense.

	My understanding was by putting it into
shadow / sunlight, and adjusting the amount of
blood running thru the bones, they were used for
temperature control.

> Again you have to think of large herbivores of today to figure 
> movement, strength and dexterity. For them to live as many 
> millions of years as they did they had to have been very good at 
> what they did.

	I don't have a problem with the DX of
the dino's.  Giving the really big ones a DX
penalty attacking human sized figures might
be fun tho.

	Most of PvK's ideas for rules make sense, 
but my days of the more rules the better are long
over.  I would think carefully as to which would
help the TFT system as a whole and look to 
implement a minimum subset.

	Nice work.

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