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Re: (TFT) Dinosaurs for TFT --> Rick's comments.

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>> I worked up statistics for a few of the larger /
>> more famous dinosaurs many years ago.  One thing
>> I notice is that your critters are much smaller
>> than the ones I made.
>I used given length divided by 3 to figure out their size in 
hexes. If the
>critter was a two-legger
>then I multiplied the result times .67 or less.

Actually going back into my notes I find I didnt do this on the 
first couple of days I did the conversions I actually used meters 
for that calculation and then fudged a bit. I started using 3 foot 
as my measure after reading the article again about converting D&D 
monsters to TFT. So I guess some recalculation needs to be done by 
me, with most of the Dinos gaining some size.

Apatasaurus becomes a 22-24 hex
Brachiosaurus becomes 32-34 hex
Diplodocus becomes a 32-34 hex
Triceratops becomes a 10-13 hex
Tyrannasaurus becomes a 9-11 hex 

Robert Morger 
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