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(TFT) Re: no one is posting ... weird

>OOC: It's been insane. I'm in more games now than ever. Unbeleivable this summer has been. I think it averages 12 hours a day, but more like 16, as most nights I only get 4 hours of sleep. The occasional day at work is like a vaction. Role playing really has entered the common vernacular. It is amazing how many people have heard of D&D, want to play, but never have. "Would you like to try the Fantasy Trip instead?" <I ask disarmingly>

From: "Dave Seagraves" <zilch@austin.rr.com>

I always add to that, ". . . It's sorta like D&D, but better. /Much/ better." I leafed through the latest version of the /Dungeons & Dragons/ rules not too long ago. Here we are in the 21st century, and the game is /still/ stuck in first-generation roleplaying rules, with "classes", "levels", and other clumsy mechanics that most other RPG's left behind long ago. There's now "kits" to make characters more interesting, but I call that just a clumsy epicycle and a poor alternative to a skill-based system like TFT. D&D -- not recommended.

I wrapped up a 6 month test of AD&D 3rd about 2 months ago. Played in my brother's friend's campaign. He, Wil Weston, is a really fun DM. He has an infectious laugh, and frequently finds humor in any role playing situation. Luckily for us he didn't let the rules get in the way. All the monsters are ranked now with a difficulty level. Cross check this number with the character levels and you get the exp the monster is worth. No matter what the hit dice of the monster, or other stats, it's comes down to exp is better if the monster is rated just a little higher than the group of characters. My guess is this helps novice DM's keep their adventures from becoming too easy or too hard. The character classes are loaded with extras. You can still play a cleric. But now you get extra spells and powers. In fact every class gets extras. So your old D&D characters will be out of date and under powered for their levels. I call this inflation. The combat system made a real effort to be easily memorized. It's not too hard to figure out your chance to hit on the D20 without consulting THACO or Leve vs. Armor Class charts. And there are tons of special abilities that do unique things. Unfortunately I detetec no real cross testing of these special abilites against each other to see if they were balanced. Some are just plain Uber.

     My conclusion:  Makes me like TFT even more.

     David Michael Grouchy II

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