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Re: (TFT) Slime questions

Going from perhaps-faulty memory on this:

> 1) Rules in DT2 say slime has to *both* start adjacent to you *and*
> win initiative to get onto you. However rules in ITL do not mention
> the win-initiative requirement. Does that mean slimes follow the same
> entering-HTH rules in ITL as everyone else? (But this implies that
> almost anyone could refuse (unless trapped against a wall), because
> almost anyone has an MA > 2).

No, I think DT2 is just explaining the rules for the benefit of people
who may not have ITL. I don't think there is an actual rules difference.
In either, I think silmes don't require a DX roll to get into HTH - they
just require someone to be standing on the floor in hex they can get to.
The other two special points about Slimes are that they have -3 to their
initiative roll, and they cannot engage others. That is, usually people
can step back until they run out of room to back up. That's why they are
nuisance creatures - they're only very dangerous in certain situations.

> 2) One member of my DT2 party is a Strategist. That means my party
> gets +2 on initiative rolls, and since the slimes are -3, that means
> they can *never* win initiative. (Best they can do is tie, and lose
> on the re-roll). Does that mean my DT2 party is virtually slime-proof
> in a "fair fight"? Or does the +2 only apply to that character, so
> the other characters might actually lose?

I would say yes, as long as the strategist is effectively leading your
group, they won't lose the initiative to slimes. However I wouldn't whine
if my GM said that anyone can out-fox a slime, which is why they already
have a -3, so Strategist doesn't help, or only gives a +1.

> 3) What happens if we start adjacent to (and facing) the slimes, win
> initiative, but tell the slimes to move first?
> 	a) In DT2? (They move onto us and get us in HTH?)
> 	b) In ITL? (They are engaged, so they can try HTH as an action at DX1?)

In either, they will come get on you if you do that, as long as they think
you are food.

> 4) If a green slime actually manages to get on you for HTH, can you
> attack it yourself? (It's only vulnerable to fire, and I don't know
> of any way you can use fire in HTH. I'm assuming you have to drop a
> torch when you get into HTH.) If not, are you just doomed unless you
> get some serious help from your friends?

I think you can still hold a torch against a slime in HTH. There might be
a specific explanation somewhere in ITL.

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