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Re: (TFT) Where do summoned creatures come from...?

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> http://www.side-quest.com/random/comic.php

Heh. That's cruel. But not unusual. I remember hearing about a PC who was 
cursed by being put in the "monster summoning pool," in a vast multi-GM campaign 
I was once associated with. (This was original D&D back in the Elder Days - 
1979, IIRC. Back before ITL came out and I translated my game to TFT.)

In my own campaign, I dealt with the "where do summoned creatures come from?" 
question by making them demonlings. IMC, demons and demonlings are convicts 
being punished for breaking divine law. (This explains the demon's bad 

The demonlings can be controlled by Control Person spells (or Control Animal, 
if they take the form of animals). The various summoning spells force them to 
take the appropriate form and appear. The damage they take when summoned 
can't truely kill them, but it does make them *hurt* (And being under what's 
essentially a Control spell, they can't even complain about it.)

The lesser and greater true Demons are immune to most magic, and so can't be 
so Controlled, but they can be summoned and are under a geas to obey the 
summoner's verbal instructions. 

Erol K. Bayburt
Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow
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