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Re: (TFT) Waste of time?

At 9:16 -0500 11/10/04, TFT Digest (rmorger@mail.ev1.net ) wrote:
I saw something about Starship Troopers last night and it got me
thinking (Not necessarily a good thing :^) about doing a TFT
adaptation for the said game.

Now do you think this is a possiblity or is it going to be to much
to change.

I think one fundamental problem you'll have to address is how to introduce high technology into the game.

Skills, Medieval hardware, and wizard-cast spells are all based on the attributes of the user, so the strength of a character in a situation is tied to how experienced that character is (in terms of total number of character points). Granted some combinations of points are better than others for any given situation, but that just gives the player interesting choices to make.

Technology, somewhat similar to magic items, gives characters advantages that tie only to their fortunes (in terms either of money, or of the referee rewarding their endeavours with lucky discoveries). So it's easier to unbalance a game with technological artifacts. As I point out, this issue already exists with magic items; the new challenge for a high-tech game would be creating a finance system that ranks the cool technology piece costs somewhat equivalent to their utility in the game. That might end up taking a fair amount of playtesting.
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