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(TFT) Starship Troopers --> $ over comes EXP and Why buy ST?

Mark Tapley wrote:
> ...I think one fundamental problem you'll have to address is how to 
> introduce high technology into the game.
> Skills, Medieval hardware, and wizard-cast spells are all based on 
> the attributes of the user, so the strength of a character in a 
> situation is tied to how experienced that character is (in terms of 
> total number of character points)...
> Technology, somewhat similar to magic items, gives characters 
> advantages that tie only to their fortunes... $

Mark summed up very quickly and elegantly the problems facing
GM's in high tech campaigns (where high tech is high technology
toys OR magic items in an industrial magic campaign).

We would prefer that getting experience is really important,
so it is not the rich guys that always win.  Then we can have
poor PC's (with high attributes) beat the rich, nasty, powerful
and reactionary NPC's.  I mean, the rich do PLENTY ok in the
real world, I play RPG's to enjoy heroic fantasy.

I've had to deal with this some in my GURPS Traveler campaign,
and I'll try to post some of my thoughts REAL SOON NOW, but
I would be very interested in people's thoughts on:

How to make $ less powerful in tech campaigns.

And why would people buy ST in tech campaigns.

Warm regards, Rick
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