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(TFT) Re: ... $ over comes EXP and Why buy ST?

At 09:56 PM 11/10/04 -0800, Rick Smith wrote:
I would be very interested in people's thoughts on:

How to make $ less powerful in tech campaigns.

One thing is to consider the real world. Few of the wealthy are adventurer types, and few non-adventurers think like RPG players. A few might (recently here in the Seattle area, a lawyer seems to have kitted himself out to murder an opponent with a pistol, kevlar, disguise, and a dagger (shades of Melee?)). However typically (or stereotypically) the rich hire a bunch of guards, rather than munchkinning out with uber equipment, leaving plenty of room for clever adventurer kooks to try to tip the scales with clever tactics, equipment, skills, etc., and come up with things that could fool typical organizations or rich people. In other words, players and the GM need to roleplay conventional non-gamer approaches to security and tactics.

The most effective equipment and solutions can often be more a matter of who you and what you know, and how you use what you have, rather than how much cash you have.

Another thing to remember is that civilized high-tech types may be less likely to fight to the death than hobgoblins and the like. Once someone has the "drop" on someone else, it's "freeze! hands up!", more often than immediate execution. That turns the arena to wits, ruses, escape techniques, and possibly a hand-to-hand combat. Modern action heroes (with a few comical exceptions) don't often win by just having the best gear, and they often get captured several times before finally prevailing.

Also, when weapons are one-shot-per-kill, having the best gear frequently isn't nearly as important as alertness, stealth, wits, tactics, shooting skill, draw time, etc.

Modern situations are full of non-combat situations which can challenge players in ways which don't involve equipment quality. EXP should mainly equal smarts, and smarts beat $, or at least operates in a different domain.

And why would people buy ST in tech campaigns.

I have seen modern-tech players buy ST to be able to swing around fun big guns. You can devalue it in a high-tech game, too. In StarLeader: Assault, IIRC, your ST equivalent attribute had a meaningful contribution to your ability to move quickly (as HT does in GURPS).

Also, many high-tech societies are full of areas and situations where high-tech weapons are highly controlled, so low-tech fighting abilities can be very useful. Also see escape attempts and the ability to fight in those situations where the bad guys took your gun.

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