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RE: (TFT) Starship troopers.

I was toying with using a bunch of different microgames to run an SF world.

Man to man combat - TFT with a version of the High-Tech/Traveler TFT rules
that are available on Ty Beard's site, although reading the thread, I would
probably also weave in a 1 second turn

Small scale ground combat - Car Wars

Large scale ground combat - Ogre 

Space Combat - Starfire I & II (Taskforce Games)

World building - Starfire III

There will be conversion issues of course, but each of the domains is fairly
isolated from the other. 

Each game is particularly well suited to its domain at least in terms of
mechanics and other issues may just be semantics (compact car = small
chassis, van = personnel carrier, etc.)
- Marc Gacy

> >However, building equimpment, space
> >ships, weapons, armor, etc, etc, etc.
> >was so much work, that my current space
> >campaign is using the GURPS Traveler
> >rules.
> >
> Yes this does seem to be the most daunting task
> of the whole idea. Ships I wouldnt worry too much
> about and if I did this it would be on a very small
> scale to begin with to see where it goes.
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