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Re: (TFT) Basic questions

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tft-owner@brainiac.com writes:

> A dagger does 1d-1 damage.  If you roll a 1 for damage, does the dagger do
>  no damage?  In some games, a weapon does at least one point, but the TFT
>  rules don't spell this out.

I have always played that the damage drops to zero. Keeps weapons like rocks 
or sha-ken from being too dangerous.

>  Where do they give the rules for using strength batteries, and where are
>  the rules for making strength batteries?
Both rules are buried in Advanced Wizard. Check the Magic Item creation table 
on page 28 for details on creation. Usage is detailed on page 34. While I am 
reluctant to copy the relevant rules sections, I should point to one major 
difference between ST Batteries and GURPS Powerstones: ST Batteries start empty 
and require the wizard to spend 5 ST for every point of ST that gets stored in 
the ST Battery. (Basic rule: anyone who holds it can use its ST to replace 
fatigue losses.) 

Richard Wells
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