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(TFT) Strength of Stone

I've been looking over the rules for breaking things with an eye to 
revamping, revising, and extending them, and I've been forced into the conclusion that 
solid stone is *very* strong. 

If I give a stone door or wall 4 points of armor, I calculate that each 
square meter has roughly 50 St per 1 cm thickness (or 100 St per 1 cm thickness for 
a 1 m by 2 m door). That's several hundred St for a door several cm (or a few 
inches) thick, or about 10 times the St of wood of equal thickness. (Assuming 
that stone doesn't have natural armor amost doubles the calculated St). 

Calculated St for stone is based on the tunneling rules in ITL p 45. 

Does this seem right to others on the list? What values do you use? How would 
this be adjusted for walls of worked stone or brick - with or without mortar? 

And how does this square with the great effectiveness of magic vs stone? One 
point of Lightning damage blasts away 5 cm of stone, according to ITL p45 - 
but that's 500 St worth of stone by my calculations, or a 500x damage multiplier 
for lightning vs stone. Do others reduce the "book" effectiveness of magic 
for tunneling? Easy magical tunneling would "explain" why "dungeons" are so 
common, but it also gives a whiff of industral-disease magic. 

The list has been kind of slow recently, so - any thoughts?

Erol K. Bayburt
Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow
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