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Re: (TFT) Strength of Stone --> Give stone armor!

> By the book, Lightning is slightly more efficient - 10 St put into Open
> Tunnel will clear 1 hex, while 10 St put into Lightning will clear 175 cm
> of rock, slightly more than one hex. Your house rule might have been that
> Open Tunnel opens one *megahex* - which would make it more efficient.

Oh, ok. I'll still have to study ITL to try to refresh my memory a bit more.

I know with the certainty of a donut-shaped 7-hex Goo that we didn't
improve Open Tunnel. ;-)

And we certainly did not have 10-die lightning bolts vaporizing (or even
knocking apart) one hex into stone walls, or that would have come up a
lot. I think we assumed it was off by a factor of ten or something, but
I'll have to consult ITL and/or my old TFT pals.

BTW, the GURPS Basic Set has a nice page-long list of damage figures for
basic objects, which is pretty close to TFT damage values.

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