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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #654

At 0:57 -0500 2/17/05, rsmith@lightspeed.ca wrote:
Is it so bad that stone has 100 ST / cm?  Fundamentally
the question is, is this something that needs to be
changed?  What would be the most fun?

Am I reading this that it takes 100 ST of damage to advance the whole face of a tunnel (say 1 m x 2 m ) one cm? That's removing, um... 2 million cc's of stone. Sounds pretty cheap at the price, if I have it right. The typical "100 ST of damage" as applied to, say, killing a dozen goblins, probably would not involve removing 2 million cc's of goblin flesh. But then, stone isn't that resilient, and you probably get some benefit from fracturing.

No, tunneling (with picks) isn't too easy. Not that I've ever actually *tunneled* before in real life, but in TFT, even as dwarves, my characters take *forever* to hollow out a good underground palace for themselves. Remember too, that normal dungeon maps are in megahexes, so it's not just a 1-m wide tunnel. It takes a while. Months, even for just a few rooms.
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