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(TFT) Breaking through walls and other barriers - draft rule

After reading the various responses and thinking things overe, here's what
I've come up with as a draft rule for my campaign. I don't intend it to be
terribly realistic, but rather I'm aiming for:

a. making doors and thin walls relatively easy to break through
b. making thick walls and mountain-sides relatively hard to tunnel through
c. having a unified mechanic so I don't have to rule whether a given wall is
"thin" or "thick"
d. keeping it fairly simple
e. keeping it fun

***Draft Rule***

*Walls, etc*

Walls, doors and other barriers have +1 armor per 10 cm (4 inches) thickness,
in addition to their natural armor from the material of which theybre made.
If a character bashes at a barrier for over a minute, he may ignore this extra
armor from thickness (but not the base natural armor) once every twelve turns.
The damage from missile spells also ignores the extra armor due to thickness.

For example, a character digging his way into the stone face of a cliff will
have to overcome 4 points of natural armor, plus many tens of points of
additional armor from the many meters of stone. Once every 12 turns, however,
only needs to overcome the 4 points of the stonebs natural armor, ignoring
mountain of armor that comes from the mountain of mountain that he is
to tunnel into.

Note that attacks against barriers cannot get damage bonuses for bcalled

*Armor and Strength by Material*

Wood normally has 1 or 2 points of natural armor. Once past the natural armor
(plus any armor due to thickness) a 1 meter by 1 meter panel of wood
typically has 3 to 5 points of Strength per cm thickness. Thus a typical heavy
one meter wide, two meters high, and 6 cm thick, might have 2 points of armor
and St 48 (4 St per cm times 6 cm thickness times 2 square meters).

Stone normally has 3 to 5 points of natural armor. Once past the armor, a
square meter slab of stone typically has 6 to 10 points of St per cm
Thus a stone door (1 m by 2 m by 6 cm thick) might have 4 points of armor and
St 96.

Metal normally has 6 points natural armor (and sometimes has more). A square
meter slab of metal typically has 10 or more St per cm thickness. Thus a metal
door of 1 m by 2 m by 6 cm might have 6 points of armor and St 120.

As noted above, thick walls get an additional +1 armor per 10 cm thickness. A
2 meter thick stone wall might have 4 points natural armor, 20 points armor
due to thickness, and St 1600 per square meter panel (St 3200 for a 1 meter by
2 meter doorway-sized section). A character attempting to break through that
wall would have to overcome 24 points of armor with most attacks, but only 4
points once every 12 turns if he keeps bashing. (He also has to overcome only
points of armor if he uses missile spells to try to blast through.) After
subtracting the armor, he will then have to do 3200 points of damage to cut a
meter by 2 meter doorway through the 2 meter thick stone wall.

*** End Draft Rule***
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