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Re: (TFT) Open Source TFT

Ty wrote:

But *if* a group of folks were willing to undertake this, I would be willing
to be the "front guy" on the project.

I'm in.

Alternatively, we could call it something different -- say, "TFT 2" or

"The Labyrinth Rules!" ;-) get it?

- - Someone (the "Outliner") needs to produce an outline of all the current TFT
rules, organized into logical sections.

This will help a lot with the copyright problem. Reorganizing will force rephrasing in many cases, and make it easy in other cases.

However, it would be very nice to somehow keep the "programmed introduction" whereby Melee alone makes a good game, can be extended with Wizard, extended more with ITL, extended more with "Mounted Combat" and "Critical Hit" rules, etc.

I wonder if there is some electronic publishing format that will address both issues above? Something like Word (spit) markup format, such that one can "turn on" additional rules, which then fill in between the very simple basic rules. One might even have multiple layers of complexity, which can be turned on in various combinations. Begin with just Melee rules, "turn on" spells but not magic items, then "turn on" magic items at a later date, etc. Each time something is turned on, the rule book expands. The table of actions has new options ("cast spell") appear in the middle, highlighted by being a different color. List of options to turn on, and dependencies, (e.g. need to have Wizard magic before magic items) appears in a table of contents type page at the beginning. Same system could handle the various extensions captured in this mailing list as well, including 20-sided dice, David's new 3D Melee rules, etc. Some layers might have to "turn off" simpler predecessors, as in replacing DX with "Speed" and "Accuracy" attributes.

Sorry, I digress. That would be murder to proofread and playtest, too. Hmm.

Well, you can rest assured that I will not suggest anything that I think
might consitute copyright infringement.

A second legal opinion might be a *great* idea. I'd be willing to chip in for part of that, depending on its cost. And no offense intended, Ty.

Rick wrote:
  I would rather we get the rights to the real TFT

Big 10-4 on that. Part of our business plan should be an ongoing search to try to do that. But if what we do is a serious extension of TFT's utility, by cleaning up, rearranging, modularizing, and extending, it may not be incompatible to do both simultaneously.

Ty wrote:
Referencing Cidri and prootwaddles *would* almost certain
violate the copyright.

Hm. Small loss, imho.

Rick wrote:
 Well we like the Image spell, the 4 hex
Dragon spells, etc.  If we have to reword
everything the names of the spells all

Ouch! That'll pain me, but I'll get over it. A good reason to get the real rights, though.

 Now who would object to us making a
derivative copy?  Steve Jackson maybe if
TFT starts cutting into GURPS money.

I suspect it would be a good idea to inform SJ of our plans before we proceed very far. It would certainly be a courtesy, and getting him on our good side would be tremendously better than opposing him and HT at the same time.

David wrote:
First of all Ty, thanks for bringing this up.

<clink> I'll drink to that!

I really thought that would generate more discussion than it
did. Oh well, 3 months of work down the tubes.

I felt really guilty about that. But it ain't down the tubes - it's in the archive. I *am* going to dig it out and use it when I get some minutes free to play. Thanks for your work! But I just haven't the time right now. I have two things of my own that I'm letting languish.

Next year, some time.... (sigh).

					- Mark
			210-522-6025, temporary cell 240-375-2995
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