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Re: (TFT) Open Source TFT

Thanks, Ty, for livening up my Friday.  I have really enjoyed 
the thoughts that have been shared on the subject of open-
source TFT by everyone on the list.  The various points are
well-taken and certainly of value.

For me, it would be enough if anyone who wanted to check
out the TFT system could go on-line and buy the core books
for something approaching their cover price.  I might 
add Tollenkar's Lair to the core set because SJ intended
it to be in the original TFT boxed set.  Also for me, the original
books in the original format are important.  

I checked out eBay's stores just to see what they cost.  One 
can have an eBay store for $15.95 per month.  I suppose 
you have to pay their usual fees on each sale as well.  I 
seriously doubt that one could make enough to pay the bills
going this route, but it is not too bad.  Suppose one had a 
box of pristine copies of the core books in the attic to provide
the inventory...

Now, my point is not whether this is economically feasible;
I am just saying that I would be entirely pleased with the 
availability of the TFT system at this level, without going to a lot
of editing or trouble.  The thought of changing the name, or
renaming everything, makes me cringe.  I love reading about
everyone's contributions to the system, but I would not
need them to be interpolated into the rules.  I think this has
been said by others as well.  

A project I have been mulling over (should I suddenly
become disabled and house-bound I suppose) is the 
"discovery" of the "missing" annual codex books.  This
series, by my reckoning, should have continued in 1982
and had 25 volumes by now.  There is certainly this much 
material floating around...

I would be willing to help with the creation of a new TFT
eBook.  But I am not sure that such a large effort is 
necessary to accomplish what is important about making
the system available.  

I, too, would like to acknowlege David's Heroscape house
rules.  I am looking forward to giving them a try.  Since I play
with the new collectible plastic D&D miniatures I am looking
forward to a spectacular game when I can afford some
Heroscape sets.  Very cool, David!  

I also want to acknowledge the effort behind "Crown of Kings"
and "Island of Lost Spells."  I picked up both of these pre-
release adventure booklets and have been very impressed.
The production value is better than the original Metagaming
adventures even as a pre-release.  The adventures look good;
definitely support these efforts with your silver pieces.  Each
game consists of a programmed adventure booklet, a map-sheet,
a counter sheet, and an extra booklet summarizing the 
"Legends fo the Ancient World" version of the TFT core rules.  
Considering what Death Test can go for on eBay, these two
adventures are a steal at $11.95 each+$5 S&H.  

Okay, that's my $11.95 worth at the moment.  

David Peterson

>I've been thinking about how to bring TFT back to the gaming world. For many
>years, I've quietly attempted to locate the owner of the TFT intellectual
>property, to no avail. My guess is that the property got assigned to some bank

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