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Re: (TFT) Open Source TFT

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Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2005 9:27 PM
Subject: Re: (TFT) Open Source TFT

I like the idea of re-releasing the TFT canon in the legal PD, with a very few corrections, if it were possible (i.e. legal). I think though that there was much charm in the originals that I'd prefer to see also included, rather than re-writing parts that don't need it, just to avoid evil laws. Seems to me like a good case in point for why copyright and "IP" laws are wrong-minded and do far more harm than good in many cases.

I'd probably agree with you on the latter point, but the law is what it is. Understand that if I thought that we could simply reprint TFT without changes, I'd be all for it. But doing so exposes one to potentially devastating copyright infringement penalties. The only way to avoid that exposure is to create a new, non-infringeing work.

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