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(TFT) New Oriental TFT solo campaign

Hi all,

I finally got around to putting some of my material onto the web - all in Word docs.


Includes my weapons table, Talents List, Spell Table and a [mostly] complete solo campaign in two parts - numbered adventure choices and background encounter tables/place info. There are a few areas I never got around to fleshing out, but by the time anyone reaches them.... Pending the current discussion on copyright I'm going to hold off putting the modified TFT books I use on line. I've pretty much kept the basic system, the major changes are a much shallower curve on the experience/attribute point table, +1 dam for every 4 ST greater than the weapon needs, and a system for multiple strikes in a ct based on very high DX relative to weapon ST. Changes from the original system are in green type.

I will probably put in a nice html cover sheet in a bit.

A bunch of other stuff will probably go up if there is any interest, including a perl program for generating random TFT oriental martial artist npcs complete with description, characteristics and affiliations.


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