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Re: (TFT) New Oriental TFT solo campaign

Looking at the Oriental TFT weapons reminded of a (what some consider odd) side project of mine: Using TFT with Arm's Law & Spell Law from Iron Crown Enterprises.

The group that I'm testing it with has an eastern character, so I made sure to add eastern weapons and conversions to the list of weapons.

I know I've seen some comments about Arm's Law etc. here before, but one group I've played in always had fond memories of it and I thought I'd give it a try.

I could post it here, but I think the formatting would get all messed up. If anyone is interested, I could send them a copy.

- Marc

P.S. I think people would be interested in such a program, even outside of Oriental TFT

Eric Coles wrote:

A bunch of other stuff will probably go up if there is any interest, including a perl program for generating random TFT oriental martial artist npcs complete with description, characteristics and affiliations.
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