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Re: (TFT) New Oriental TFT solo campaign

Regarding the TFT weapons list, it had one-handed Katana doing 2d-1. I
think I would have it more like:

Wakizashi (as shortsword, 2d-1, ST 11), usually fine quality: 2d
Katana, 1-hand: ST12, 2d, usually at least fine quality: 2d+1
Katana, 2-hands: ST13, 3d-2, usually at least fine: 3d-1

The ST and damage values are to fit TFT's other weapons: A one-handed
Katana, even at crappy (not Fine) quality is a significantly heavier
weapon than a shortsword. A two-handed Katana should do at least a little
more damage than that, but not as much as a European 2-hander of the same
quality. Leaves little room for choosing other values. Though, you could
also just call Katanas equivalent in all ways to bastard swords, except
they're usually of at least Fine quality. (i.e., what I wrote, except
1-handed would be ST 13, base damage 2d+1). Isn't that what AM lists?

<GURPS/realism blasphemy ON>
Realistically speaking, however, I think GURPS' reworking of minimum ST
for weapons is closer to correct - using two hands makes it easier to use
a larger weapon - the disadvantage is you can't do anything else with your
other hand, like use a shield. Of course in GURPS, ST affects damage done
with the weapon.
<GURPS/realism blasphemy OFF>

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