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Re: (TFT) First impressions on Dark City Games and The Crown of Kings

> Has anyone tried their combat system? It abandons the you-move-I-move and
> then-we-strike TFT system and goes to a GURPS-like system where each
> figure does both movement and combat in one phase. Looks to me like
> this would produce far more fluid battles than TFT's combat system does.

I haven't. However in GURPS it definitely changes the shape of combat
compared to TFT, to have figures alternating movement and combat instead
of everyone moving together before fighting. Also if you want to maintain
a solid battle line your side needs to move to contact more slowly, since
individuals charging forward at full speed can get mixed up with (and
possibly hacked up by) enemies. I think it makes the maneuvers more
interesting, though TFT movement has its charms, too. So players who like
TFT movement might not like mixing it up.

Does this system have Engagement? (GURPS doesn't (but has other limits
which prevent excessive movement), which also adds to the chaos.)

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