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(TFT) Selling TFT downloads

I found a web site called IMPRINT, http://members.iinet.net.au/ ~avalon11/IMPRINT/IMPRINT.htm I noticed that it has a lot of the old TFT game material available. PDF files cost a $5 U.S. fee to download. I queried the webmaster, Ian Taylor, to find out how he'd gotten permission to sell these games. I figured that he'd tracked down the copyright holder and made a deal. Here's what he said:

Hi Scott,
Thank you for your kind e-mail.
IMPRINT is providing host / server space for a variety of out of print
publications. We managed to locate the TFT material from other sources on the internet and gathered that because they were already in circulation that distribution or copyright had passed into the public domain. If this is not the case and if there is any interest adversely concerned about publication
of this material we will gladly remove it.

Ian Taylor.

I don't think that this stuff is really public domain, but I guess that it's up the the copyright holder to enforce his property rights.

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