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(TFT) Rant: part VII

It was 19 May 2005.

What a kick to the gut that was. And just at the start of summer, usually my more productive time period. For those of you who don't remember, here is a re-post of the notorious "fare well" spech. Or should I say "fare well - laced with insult - speech."

Dear TFT Mailing List,

I am leaving the TFT mailing list, and I am taking down my TFT website today.

The TFT mailing list has given me a very nice stroll down memory lane. I have
fondly remembered a game which I enjoyed in my childhood.

But, childhood is long since over; and now my reminiscences are over too.

Take care and fare well, all of you.


--John Gfoeller


To quote a certain king, in a certain Connan movie "What insolence! What arrogance!" What is it now? Three months, three and a half months later. The little gem of an "id insinuation" above really did a number on my own motivation and sence of fun. To recover I find I must indulge in something I try to never do. That is to be dismissive. I'll use the following bit of inverse zen. John, have you ever noticed that we tend to see in the world what we see in ourselves? You haven't? Well don't call everyone else children. Expecially with the "i'm gonna take my toys with me" flavor of your fare well post.

There, it's a shame, but I do feel better now that i've shot back. Of coures [ giggle to myself ] there may only be, what?, three of us left subscribed to this news group after sooooo much silence. But hey! I still have things to say, and even one player is enough to run a camapign.

   Besides, my website www.branya.com got 7,582 hits in July alone.

So John if you are still reading this... this next one is for you.

    David Michael Grouchy II

I wrote this in August of last year and never posted it. It is an accurate snapshot of how I felt at the time. Here it is 9 months after the original post. I must say I am impressed by your website. It has style, clean lines, and well done summaries. I repent of my sentiments above, and am very impressed by your web site.
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