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Re: (TFT) hollow Cidri

From: "Dan Tulloh" <dwtulloh61@cox.net>

not to be contrary, but ....

Yes! Absolutely right. I too prefer a different model of Cidri. I view it as "Three Hundred and Seventy one" alternate worlds (ITL pg 4) inter-connected by gates. This has always been my outlook on it.

-- 27 Feb 2001

  And here is another paragraph from December 2000 ...

"Let talk about us Mnoren. May I talk about Cidri, maybe even venturing on how it could have been made? How big can a gate be. Is there a limit. For the sake of argument let us say there is no limit on the size of a Mnoren gate. Six gates can enclose a hex. The rule could be set so that in the middle of a labyrinth a single hex of lush green sunlit pasture could be found, and in the middle of a pasture a single dark hex of labyrinth floor. Now expand this to Mnoren gates that are one hundred miles long. One could start linking worlds together. Cidri could have been made in much the same way."

-- 31 Dec 2000

Your physics/math is a little off as well.

Yes, again! That is precisely why my first post on this subject showed that the surface of an earth just 2x as large would have 1/40th gravity. This is also precisely the problem Newton invented Calculus to prove. That the center of the planet is accurate for computing the force of gravity. But this does, as you say, go out the window when computing gravity from inside the sphere.

With the introduction of this new concept "gravity corona" though, the math for a hollow earth does work. I should probably just up load the program so you could "see" for yourself. The problem is that it's a development piece of software I use to test gravity, build planets, and format solar systems. It's not really presentation software and doesn't look like much without some tweaking. It would probably take a week just to hard code it to do a demo, and even then it would be 8 megs, and run on different speeds on different computers. On one it would move so fast one couldn't "see" anything, and on others it would move so slow it would seem nothing is happening at all. In addition it was written so that I could test different creation myths using Newton's gravity. A flat earth with the sun rotating around it. And other such improbables. The "gravity Corona" is something I just uncovered in the process of trying to make a planet give birth to another planet. The results were unexpected, but it does create a situation where the hollow earth works perfectly well. It comes down to the fact that with a "gravity corona" both persons inside and outside are equal distance from the center of the planetary skin. Unlike a solid planet, where as you go deeper, and just as much mass starts to pull you back as down, so the effect of gravity is _not_ increased; in the corona gravity as one nears the center of the artificially created gravity sphere the effects do increase. Of course all this is Dependant on some source of anti-grav at the center in the first place. But given that fantastic premise my simulations show me that it will work.

David Michael Grouchy II
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