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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #721

In a message dated 2/5/06 6:03:41 PM !!!First Boot!!!, tft-owner@brainiac.com 

>  Yes Justin is correct.  I always try to clip out everything except the 
> essential sentence I am commenting on.  Less clutter = good.  Including 
> someone's entire 4 paragraphs just to type "I agree" = bad.

Yes, WHY do people do that; is it just general cluelessness, or poor computer 
skills of some of the readers? I see this WAY too much as I'm on a BOATLOAD 
of Yahoo lists.....I actually takes me LESS time to copy and paste the relevant 
quote and hit the send now button and type a reply, than to copy the entire 
previous e mail and answer it, and this is on crappy AOL... Also; PLEASE edit 
your emails before you hit the send button. It makes reading them MUCH easier.

Sorry; rant mode off, and I'm sorry if I've insulted anyone. I actually see 
this more on some of the historical miniatures lists and it is a MAJOR pain in 
the a#@
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