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Re: (TFT) hollow Cidri

From: Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net>

Hmm, assuming an equal distribution and a small enough radius, I would say there would be a difference, because on the outside, the curved parts are "down" relative to someone standing on the outside, but they are "up" relative to someone standing on the inside

Yes, one of the reasons I prefer the alternate earths, connected by gate. For instance inside the hollow earth one could see "China" from "France" by looking up. So to speak.

The interesting thing about the subtractive nature of an anti-grav center is that a person will feel attracted to which ever center point (0) they are closest too.

That would be true even without an anti-grav center, wouldn't you say? I assume the reason you want an anti-grav center is to try to get exactly the gravity numbers you want (but not really the direction), no?

I just thought it was an interesting coincedence that I had recently started playing with "Gravity Corona" when Scott Haley made his post about a possible hollow Cidri. I just lent the mathmatics to support it. They are purely theoretical, and I have no accreditation what so ever.

Gravity goes steadily down as you get closer to the zero point,
because the mass "over your head" is pulling you up, not down.

Yes! This is true because gravity does not really exist unto itself. It is an effect of all mass in the space time continu... as Einstein put it "Mass curves space." But in an artificially created gravity corona the math shows that the gravity does become a thing unto itself and the effects become quite strong as one enters the ponts in space where it lay. A huge departure from the physics of our world. But as Scott put it "maybe this is why magic works in cidri." So I was willing to go with it. If for nothing other than the purely theoretical exersice of it.

David Michael Grouchy II
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