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RE: (TFT) hollow Cidri --> Gravity getting stronger near center of shell.

From: Rick Smith <rsmith@lightspeed.ca>

  That seemed weird to me, so I was asking,
(in YOUR physics) wouldn't the gravity go to
zero as you got half way thru the shell?

I see. Picture it this way. In normal earth there is a center point for gravity. We will call it zero. It has no width or height, a point.

    Now we enter the realm of fiction.

The anti-grav device/effect enters inside this point. The point is expanded to a shell 24,000 km in radius. Ouside gravity attracts to the surface of the shell. Inside gravity attacts upwards to the shell. The shell is a field of gravity that exists without the requisite matter. Matter attracted to it will build up something shaped like a hollow earth. Watching the acretion of dust particles on this feild is facinating. But build up a hollow earth it does. The field is quite strong when one gets right next to the shell. One would feel it profoundly on a trip through to the inside. If not allowed to accelerate unimpeded through a clear tunnel one would probably be crushed against the rock. A tunnel all the way through would allow one to jump down and pop out the other side safely though. Albeit the landing would be a huge problem.

In conclusion the gravity corona has geometry, occupies space. and has become a feild unto itself. It exists without matter, but will attract matter. In addition the entire corona may orbit a star or planet just like any other body in the system.

David Michael Grouchy II
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