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RE: (TFT) hollow Cidri --> Gravity getting stronger near center of shell.

At 03:53 AM 2/6/06 -0600, David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
The anti-grav device/effect enters inside this point. The point is expanded to a shell 24,000 km in radius. Ouside gravity attracts to the surface of the shell. Inside gravity attacts upwards to the shell. The shell is a field of gravity that exists without the requisite matter.
Matter attracted to it will build up something shaped like a hollow earth.

Aha! I didn't understand this from your previous description of the anti-grav effect. I thought it was just a mass-repelling force from the center, as I described in the message I wrote earlier today.

So in that case, sure, this artificial gravity would increase in the middle of a trans-crust staircase, because that's the definition of the magic force.

If not allowed to accelerate unimpeded through a clear tunnel one would probably be crushed against the rock. A tunnel all the way through would allow one to jump down and pop out the other side safely though. Albeit the landing would be a huge problem.

If there were no air friction, anyway. Human bodies don't have a very high terminal velocity, though, and the distance is so great that even for a streamlined object, you'd want (more magic or) a vacuum shaft. Assuming the planet is rotating though and inertia isn't magically blocked, there would be inertial movement relative to a straight line through the shell, because the tangential speed of something resting on the outer surface is faster than the tangential speed of something resting on the inner surface (shorter distance from center). So one would need to choose between a curved vacuum shaft to match the natural falling path, with the side effect of a lateral velocity upon arrival equal to the difference between the inner and outer tangential speeds, or you could have a straight (or just straighter) shaft with the elevator chamber designed to always be sliding along one side of the shaft, stopping that acceleration, but adding friction (so you'd need an additional force to make it to the other side - but you probably can swing that as an enchantment). Or, the shaft could be at a pole of the world. Or just make some freakin' magic gates for 100 fST per set. ;->

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