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Re: (TFT) Re: security station

From: "John Gfoeller" <johng3110@hotmail.com>

How did you handle the conversion of Talents?
Also, did your game characters suffer any ill effects by being teleported into a magical universe?

The GM was more interested that we get out TFT attributes right. Our characters were assumed to know what ever we as players knew. As to physical talents, I don't think we were really qualified for any but the GM let one of us have Fencing, most Mathmatics, all Literacy, and a smattering of mundane talents. Several players insisted on Guns.

  Here is a table for determining Strength.

-- 20 March 2001

In addition he allowed the players to choose any IQ they wanted, but the attribute total had to equal 32. So with an average ST, claiming an above average IQ made for a low DX. Since we all knew how important DX was in TFT we were quite modest in our IQ claims.

As to ill effects, I would have to say the only ill effects were those suffered by the local communities when we began to hatch our plans, manipulate people, and otherwise "mess" with their world. Using the Cidri side of the base we set our selves up as petty gods, and began a campaign to conquer, errr I mean to civilze, the local areas. It was easy to represent ourselves as dieties seeing that we knew more about their magic system than the local professional wizards did. The GM should have called this campaign "The Ego Trip."

David Michael Grouchy II
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