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RE: (TFT) Rant: part VI

From: "John Gfoeller" <johng3110@hotmail.com>

 TFT doesn't automatically make some races or people evil.

Astute, that is one of the defining characteristics of TFT over other systems. So the new evil is to be some principle or beleif obviously. TFT states that Dragons are only interested in their status amoung other Dragons. That Dwarves love gold almost as much as dragons. There are also the behaviour of ghouls that you mentioned. But what is the new evil to be? There are the classic themes; like kidnap and slavery, or revenge and murder. There are also the classic motives like lust and power, greed and selfishness. But I am looking for something more like an Archvillan. A Tolenkar or Vader. Most important is the new evil have a personal name. For instance here are a few that I have built campaigns around...

Glemantrious: developed demon spawning pits, sold his knowledge to the darkest hearts.

Dematrious: An arms dealer who would start wars so he could supply both sides.

Gigamax: Cheif enchanter to the Brigand king, made flying towers so they could terrorize entire cities. Carefully arranged raids so all of his needed components and apprentices could be stolen.

My call here is asking for a discussion of our campaigns villans. So we might generate a new one to over arch them all. And the name. The name is most important.

David Michael Grouchy II
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