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RE: (TFT) basic training talent?

From: "John Gfoeller" <johng3110@hotmail.com>

A big part of the context is that the characters belonging to a professional military

I beleive it was MAR Barker that introduced the most TFT-like military rules I can think of. Being that they were simple yet playable. In the wargame system he used 1D6 was rolled per unit strength. This is standard to most mass miniatures wargames systems. What he did that was new, was to introduce a rounding effect for millitary units.

Normal attack roll

 1 really bad result
 2 normal failure
 3-4 varied on units abilities
 5 normal success
 6 spectacular success.

MAR Barker's military units

 1 counts as a 2
 6 counts as a 5

His military units were considered more reliable in that they wouldn't go far wrong, but something was lost in that they never had heroic victories either. A similar approach in TFT would be to simply do away with critical hits and misses. Anything above a 16 is considered a 16, and anything below a 5 is considered a 5.

David Michael Grouchy II
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