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(TFT) basic training talent?

Hi all,

I have an idea for a potential campaign that I have been kicking around in the back of mind for some time.

A big part of the context is that the characters belonging to a professional military -- like the Roman, Chinese or Byzantine army. Those professional fighting forces often (though not always) prevailed against superior numbers that often had much of the same technology. The key difference and factor in their success (in my ignorant opinion -- I'm not a military historian) was their discipline and training. Yet, how to represent that in the TFT game?

As a potential solution, I have been toying with the idea of a new talent: basic training. It would be an IQ 8 talent, costing 1 IQ point (2 for wizards). It would only be available from serving six months as a member of a professional, standing military. It would represent that training and discipline to function within a professional military.

It would also represent the benefits of that training. I've thought of representing this in TFT terms by adding 1 to the initiative roll to a group in which a 2/3 of its members have basic training. This would represent the training to function as a military unit. It would also allow a group to have the benefit even if it had some non-military members as part of it -- those who are trained would order the others where to go, what to do, etc.

Basic training would also be cumulative with the tactics and strategy talents. That would represent the cumulative effects of not only having good leadership (the tactics talent and the strategy talents) but also the training to respond to that leadership effectively.

So, for example, a party in which 2/3 of the members had basic training would get +1 on the initiative roll. A group that had that plus a leader with the tactics talent would get +2 on the initiative roll (+1 for basic training and +1 for tactics). A party led by someone with strategy would get +3 on the initiate roll (+1 for basic training and +2 for the strategy talent).

But, I'm just thinking out loud here.  Comments?

-- John G.
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