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Re: (TFT) basic training talent?


> As a potential solution, I have been toying with the 
> idea of a new talent: basic training.  It would be an 
> IQ 8 talent, costing 1 IQ point (2 for wizards).  It 
> would only be available from serving six months as a 
> member of a professional, standing military.  It would 
> represent that training and discipline to function 
> within a professional military.

Interesting idea!  Of course there would be some limits:
  1) You would be trained in a weapon/armor combination
     that the military wanted you to have - for example
     you might see a character with 13 ST trained to use
     a shortsword and shield.  Same with wizards - most
     of your spells would be chosen for you.
  2) I am uncomfortable with the term of service. I would
     recommend a 4-year minimum.
  3) I would find some way to work in the Traveller method
     of character generation - your characters can die in
     generation (loved that system).  The longer you stay
     in, the higher rank you can achieve, the more skills
     you can learn, etc.

I like your idea of adding an initiative point - though 
I would only allow it as long as the party can maneuver 
in a group.  Once they separate, its every man/woman/thing
for themselves.

But it also raises some questions: would you have to have
been members of the same army to get the bonus?  Can "Sam
the Reptile Man," who served with the Agashar and "George
the Human Tank" who served with the Thorz get the benefit
of basic training?  I dunno ...

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