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RE: (TFT) Rant: part VI

>     My call here is asking for a discussion of our campaigns villans.  So
> we
> might generate a new one to over arch them all.  And the name.  The name
> is
> most important.

Depends on how your campaigns go. Mine is more Lankhmar or Conan than
Tolkein or Lord Bane. All that overarching stuff is limiting to me. I
prefer that the party make its own way.

Closest thing to overarching in my campaign is the Thorsz. But even he
only has partial control over the east-west trade routes, and that area is
the default starting place for new PCs. There's no way for him to conquer
too far from home. Then again, he seems to have been at it for 435

Neil Gilmore
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