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RE: (TFT) Rant: part VI

>> My call here is asking for a discussion of our campaigns villans.
>> So we might generate a new one to over arch them all.  And the name.
>> The name is most important.



The Copper Cutlass Corps?

The Bronze Buckler Battalion?

There was a semi-mad organization in one of my campaigns called the
Ombioog Club, who gathered to destroy things they found pointless or
irritating. I don't know who'd call them evil, though.

I tend to think that in TFT, even the most mega-evil continent-spanning
malevolent force would still be limited to its own areas, and not apply to
all. TFT villainry tended to be more personal, societal, rational,
accidental - it tended to have a local reasons that somehow made some
sense, rather than being a part of some hypothetical scale of good and
evil, as in D&D. Even the demons seemed more like capricious malevolent
magical spirits more like a djinn than a Christian devil. The Toltec
Brujos in TSD and UC were pretty horrible with their human sacrifices and
all, but they were an important part of their culture.

Part of the charm and interest was that there was no absolute scale of
evil, which I think ironically leads to a better study of what good and
evil is, and why, and why one would choose to behave in certain ways and
not in others. If acts and people are officially stamped good or evil,
then there's not so much to learn and understand, compared to stories
where people make their own decisions and then experience the results.

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