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RE: (TFT) Rant: part VI

>    Speaking of east west trade routes.  I've always held the beleif that
> D&D
> is very western centric.  Or was, anyways.  But that TFT is more balanced

It was, no matter what they did, from the original Monk and Samurai
classes, to Oriental Adventures. One of the problems with D&D was that it
never was a case of 'here's a system, make something with it', at least,
not after the original 3 booklet set.

In my campaign, there is a distinct difference between east and west. The
est has been civilized for a long time, and it's the west that's pretty
wild. The east is a combination of places that look a lot like medieval
Europe and other well-establisehd cultures, and the west is more of the
fantasy kingdom/wastelands/prehistoric sort of area. The Thorsz has his
city at the south end of the mountain range separating east from west, and
maintains mountain and sea patrols to maintain his hold over those routes.
There's good and bad in that. Good because there's not much bandit
activity in those areas. Bad, because you pay to get your stuff from one
side to the other.

> toward both.  In fact my first GM ran a Himilaya / Gobi Desert campaign
> for
> years.  His arch - villan was the anti-bhudda.

That's an amusing concept. How much Buddhism did he know?

Neil Gilmore
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