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Re: (TFT) hollow Cidri Dyson Sphere

how does the
planet cool off? Wouldn't it continually soak up the sun's energy until it melted? That and it would have no stars to speak of.

David Michael Grouchy II

Hello David,
Cidri is not a Dyson sphere.
I mentioned the Dyson image google search because there were a variety of "construction" sketches showing large spheres in space.

But, Cidri is an oversized sphere with one G of gravity, so the core/interior has to have a lower mass than would otherwise be typical of a rocky planet.

Since Cidri is described as a manufactured planet, it brought Ringworld to mind, and the unknown construction material of Ringworld. (it blocked 40% of neutrinos if I recall)

Maybe there are large piezoelectric plates built in to take advantage of the gravity pressing inward to generate the power needed for all those unknown Mnoren gates etc.

Or large thermocouples to generate power on the temp difference from core to near surface.

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