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Re: (TFT) hollow Cidri Dyson Sphere

From: "Alan Resmondo" <resmondo@msn.com>

I mentioned the Dyson image google search because there were a variety of "construction" sketches showing large spheres in space.

Yes, I enjoyed the sketches and artists renderings. This page I found to be the most informative. It contains formulas on how planets are detected in other systems, the chemical elements for detecting life, and the quantity of IR radiation that would be detected by a Dyson Sphere.


Since Cidri is described as a manufactured planet,

The points you make in manufacturing a planet are interesting. And as I have shown in previous posts I am willing to lend my imagination to the exercise of building a planet from scratch. So to speak. For instance I really enjoyed the exercise on this news group where Gate technology was used to develop warp power. The so called "slippery demon" thread. A fascinating evolution of contributions from subsequent posters. The final version being something no one person had originally envisioned, yet containing an elegance visible to all.


May I suggest an argument for the gate version of Cidri again. Or at least one that supports both the gate version and manufactured worlds. Consider this. All campaigns by all GM's could be fitted into one sufficiently large constructed world. Where as with the gate version, all constructed worlds could be linked. That is to say, one GM may have a different story of creation, heck, even a different universe to support it and yet still all the campaigns can be linked by gates.

Is this necessarily a better way to do things? Not really. In fact I find your suggestions on piezoelectric plates, and thermocouples to generate power something I can use in my own campaign. The fact of the mater is there is no real reason for me to argue for a gate constructed world as opposed to a manufactured one. People don't really cross campaign. GM's usually insist one makes a new character for their campaign anyway. So, it begs the question, why do I do this? Simply put, gates seem to be the defining technology of the Mnoren. This is why emotionally I lean toward the worlds linked by gates view. As to the question of how gates are powered. Wow. I must admit, the question never even occurred to me. Till now. I will have to reflect on this question some more.

David Michael Grouchy II
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