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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #724

Question to the group. Does anyone use the better D+D (and C+S, Runequest,
etc.) adventures + convert to TFT?

Of course! I even used to play C&S and Runequest. The supplements for C&S were some of the best around and you still can't beat Runequest as a RPG system. That goes for anything Chaosium ever put out as far as I'm concerned. We actually never played with either the rune magic or the Gloranth world. I played a more Tolkien style game with the Runequest rules (we made up our own magic system) in a world I created.

We also played a Conan style game for a while and we even used the Thieves World series and played in that city as well. We all had two or three characters and we rotated game masters. (We were lucky, many in our group were great GMs.) The rule was you had to respect past events that the other game masters established in previous games plus you could play any of your stock of characters. We based this pretty much on the way the books were being written, we just brought it into the gaming world. It was very creative with some great story lines.

As for TFT we had our own world (as most everyone did). It got a little Monty Python meets serious literature every now and then but I always felt TFT lended it's self to that style very well. Lots of good laughs as well as drama. Great way to kill a Saturday night. The D&D conversions that we did always seemed to play out this way but we didn't mind. They were very tongue in cheek to start with.

On the other topic: I have to mention a game were the game master let everyone create themselves as they thought they would be using the Call of Cthulhu game system. He then threw them though a time warp kinda gate thingy and they all wound up on a farm as rabbits! They could still talk normally and had their intelligence, just nothing else. The farmer was a player character who had gone insane in another Cthulhu game and was trying to summon a creature from another dimension. The rabbits had to stop him. The moment when one of the players had his rabbit step up on to the front porch, look at the farmer in the doorway and said "Farmer! I want to talk to you." was one of those moments you just don't forget. The insane farmer of course, keeping in character, blew the talking rabbit away with his shotgun. It was one of those great character deaths that lives on in the annuals of our game group. It was a rip off of a rip off, Bunnies and Burrows. Anyone remember that one?
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