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(TFT) New to the group: Question...

Hello everyone. I played some Melee and Wizard years ago in the Eighties along with Death Test I, but I have not played any TFT game in over 15 yrs now (I am 38). Just having moved, I found my TFT stash and really enjoyed reviewing it all over again. I am interested in catching up to speed with those who have been playing TFT for a while. What are the current standards of play? Is there some on-line compendium of sorts that summaries how the game has evolved and how it is currently being played? Also, I am interested in purchasing the other TFT games and am looking for sources to get them from. Any ideas/suggestions? Lastly I am looking to find people in Northern NJ to play with and/or for on-line gaming groups that are actively playing. Thank you very much for any suggestions/information you may have. 
Craig Setti
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