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Re: (TFT) New to the group: Question...

What are the current standards of play?

First of all welcome to the list!

The beauty of TFT is that our little game hasn't changed since the day it was written. As far as standards of play go if you've got the rules then there you are.

Is there some on-line compendium of sorts that summaries how the game has evolved and how it is currently being played?

You can look through the lists archives. There are a lot of great ideas, rules additions, etc. in there. Do a search on Google as well, type in something like "The Fantasy Trip, Melee Wizards" to find the many web sites (including mine) that are out there. (Mine is: http://www.diagramsolutions.com/TFTDownloads.html , I will be updating my site soon, I've got a lot of great ideas to add to it.)

Also, I am interested in purchasing the other TFT games and am looking for sources to get them from. Any ideas/suggestions?

Keep checking eBay. Once in a while a set will pop up. Sometime members of this list will announce that they know of a set for sale.

Lastly I am looking to find people in Northern NJ to play with and/or for on-line gaming groups that are actively playing.

Well, I'm out on Long Island. Where in Northern Jersey do you live? I am going to run a Melee/Wizard mass combat game at I-Con again this year. I-con's web site is: http://www.iconsf.org/ Check out the guest list! Elvira will be there! That alone will be worth the price of admission. I've always enjoyed her "body" of work. Here's the description of what I'm running:

Melee & Wizards, The Fantasy Trip - Metagaming, Advanced, 1st edition, 1980 Old timers will remember this great game that at its time was second only to D&D. Will teach game if necessary.

The Lost Orb. In the early days of Thorsz the 1st Orbs of great power were created. Over the past several hundred years these Orbs were long forgotten. The great wizard warlord Yzor seeks to find all of the forgotten Orbs and use their combined power to enslave all living creatures. Thus, unholy alliances of men, orcs, dwarves, goblins and elves have been formed to fight Yzors ever advancing army and to search for the hidden resting places of the remaining Orbs of power. One such Orb has been located. It is the recovery of this Orb and be the last team standing that is the quest of this scenario. Played on 3 dimensional terrain board with miniature figures. Beginner, characters provided

I'll post the mechanics of this one nighter to the list pretty soon. Meanwhile, I want to invite anyone in the New York Metro area to get in touch with me. Perhaps we can arrange a game night somewhere convenient for all of us. Even if it was once or twice a year.

--David O. Miller
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