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(TFT) Space stations in Cosmic Encounter

  Space Stations in Cosmic Encounter
  (c) 2006 by Richard W. Smith

  These rules assume you are using Lucre and 

  In the Eon Products version of CE, I usually 
kept my lucre on my star disk (where it added 
to all your attacks) and only spent it on cards
and the like when I was trying for the win. 
I was penalized in the early game by not buying
advantages, but gradually my sacrifice added 

  However, when fighting those powers like 
Antimatter or Loser, this trade off of early
penalty for long term gain was short circuited. 
My robust economy was PENALIZED against those

  In the Mayfair edition of Cosmic Encounter,
Lucre was generally made more fun.  You got a
lot more of it, but you had to spend it to 
get any advantage.  However I still miss the
trade off of early game sacrifice for long 
term advantage.  Thus the following rules:

  Space Station Rules in CE:

1)  For 15 Lucre a player may build a space
station in their home system hex.  This is not
associated with any planet and thus you will
keep its use even if you lose all your planets
and or you alien power.

2)  For each Space Station you possess, you 
effectively get a +1 or -1 reenforcement card
in every challenge where you are a player or
an ally.  There is one difference between the
bonus from Space Stations and reenforcements:
Space Station bonuses are played first, before
reenforcement cards are played.  Someone may
not quickly slap down a reenforcement card to
prevent any Space Station bonuses, people with 
Space Stations must be an opportunity to use
their advanced economy.

3)  If several players have space stations 
they must assign their bonus in the standard
order (attacker, defender, allies starting from
the attackers left and going clockwise around
the table.)

4)  On a player's turn  BEFORE the revealing 
of cards they may scrap any or all of their 
Space Stations and get 5 Lucre each for them. 

  These rules add a predictable strategic 
choice to the Mayfair CE's (overly random) play.  
I hope you enjoy them.

  Regards, Rick. 
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