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Re: (TFT) Re: Huge underground caves

On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 08:48, Mark Tapley wrote:
> >   I guess I am just saying that I am a bit
> >more bothered by "huge hollows underground"
> >than most people would be.
> In general, I agree, but there are some exceptions. Magma chambers 
> and lava tubes, for volcanically active regions, and water-hollowed 
> chambers and galleries, in more water-soluble (sedimentary) types of 
> rock. In the *long* run Rick is right, they'll be full of something, 
> but it can take quite a while.

Hi Mark,
   The emphasis was on the word huge.  Natural 
Chambers more than a 100 meters wide will
tend to collapse in the short term.  I was
thinking of the bottomless pits in Moria.  
Also the I.C.E. Moria supplement had many
gigantic hollows with out any rhyme or 
reason AND it was so geologically active that
the dwarves directed lava flows all over the
place as defenses.  (And it opened to hell

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