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Re: (TFT) Moving through figures

My thinking as well. I would allow them to switch places. I searched through the archives about this to see if it had been discussed before and I came across a post that stated that Steve Jackson had once said that a GM should probably throw out about 90% of GURPS when they played that system. Wether that's true or not doesn't matter. What it made me start thinking about is what other rules in TFT do people throw out at certain times.

Here's another situation from a game that I played a while back. Picture a bottle neck, shaped like an hour glass. A very wide area narrows down to one hex and then widens back out again. Two enemy forces meet at the bottle neck. Every hex is filled with a 1 hex, standing figure (there is enough figures to fill up at least three to four hexes deep in both directions). One unlucky warrior (A), standing on the single hex in the bottle neck must face two opponents. He is knocked down but not killed. He elects to stay prone. Another figure on his team steps into his hex, rolls vs his DX and makes the roll. This new figure (B) stands over the fallen figure (A) and starts fighting the two enemies in front of him. The question is: what can figure (A) do? He can not stand. If he crawls is he disengaging from his enemies? Can he even crawl into a hex that is occupied by a standing figure, friendly or not? Could he crawl into an enemies hex that is furiously engaged in combat with a standing figure? Do all of the figures on his side have to move back one hex to allow him to stand? Or can he crawl through the legs of his friends and stand up at the rear?

This was a tough one. It was a make or break situation for both players. The figure that fell was a high experienced character that would have definitely influenced the battle if a lucky hit had not knocked him down. Would you have ignored the rules concerning movement to make it more realistic, allow him to crawl away and thus aid one player or ruled that he was stuck where he was which would aid the other player?

--David O. Miller

I would rule that as long as the characters are not oversized (either in stature or due to bulky armor, burdens, etc.), they are allowed to pass by each other in a one-hex corridor during non-combat situations. If it was during combat, I'd rule it wasn't allowed, just like you.


David Miller <djmiller@i-2000.com> wrote:
  O.K. Saturday night, it's raining on the east coast and I'm bored. I
started thinking about something a GM at a local con said to me about
the way he allows movement in his TFT games and I wondered what
everyone else on the list thought.

So here's the question: You're in a dungeon. All of the passageways are
one hex wide. You are not in a combat situation. Do you allow figures
to squeeze past one another to basically change their "marching order"
(to use a D&D term)? I've always played that figures can not, as the
rules state, move through each other. But then again it seemed to make
sense to allow this. If they were in combat I would rule that the
answer would be no. Am I being to hard core here to not allow it during
non combat situations? What does everyone think?

--David O. Miller
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