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Re: (TFT) Moving through figures --> Rick's take.

On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 19:15, David Miller wrote:
> My thinking as well. I would allow them to switch places. ...

  My rules say that in movement or no, you
can move thru a friendly figure at a cost
of 1 MP.  If you end in a hex with a 
friendly figure the hex is crowded & both
figures are at -2 DX.

> Here's another situation from a game that I played a while back. 
> Picture a bottle neck, shaped like an hour glass. A very wide area 
> narrows down to one hex and then widens back out again. Two enemy 
> forces meet at the bottle neck. Every hex is filled with a 1 hex, 
> standing figure (there is enough figures to fill up at least three to 
> four hexes deep in both directions). One unlucky warrior (A), standing 
> on the single hex in the bottle neck must face two opponents. He is 
> knocked down but not killed. He elects to stay prone. Another figure on 
> his team steps into his hex, rolls vs his DX and makes the roll. This 
> new figure (B) stands over the fallen figure (A) and starts fighting 
> the two enemies in front of him. The question is: what can figure (A) 
> do? He can not stand. If he crawls is he disengaging from his enemies? 
> Can he even crawl into a hex that is occupied by a standing figure, 
> friendly or not? Could he crawl into an enemies hex that is furiously 
> engaged in combat with a standing figure? Do all of the figures on his 
> side have to move back one hex to allow him to stand? Or can he crawl 
> through the legs of his friends and stand up at the rear?

  I would allow A to take the disengage option
and craw back one hex.  He would not be able 
to crawl forward and engage the enemy in HTH,
(tho he could crawl forward and join a HTH 
pile that already exists).

> > I would rule that as long as the characters are not oversized (either 
> > in stature or due to bulky armor, burdens, etc.), they are allowed to 
> > pass by each other in a one-hex corridor during non-combat situations. 
> > If it was during combat, I'd rule it wasn't allowed, just like you.
> >
> >   Tim

  I let multihex figures squeeze thru spaces
too narrow for them to walk in, just as I allow
people to crawl thru small holes.  Movement is
limited to 1 hex per turn and they are at a 
MINIMUM penalty of -2 DX for being in a crowded

  Regards, Rick.
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